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New Celestial Skill Effects – Molten Strike, Tectonic Slam and Ice Nova

Harvest is now in full swing and we know many of you love to amplify the look of your skills, what better way to do so than to grab the new celestial effects for Molten Strike, Tectonic Slam and Ice Nova! For more information, check out today’s news or get yours here.Read More.
Source: POE News

How the Harvest Launch Went

This weekend we launched Path of Exile: Harvest! It was one of our smoothest launch days to date and we reached a peak player concurrency that was almost as high as our current record! We also released a brand new Mystery Box and a few small hotfixes. Read More.
Source: POE News

The Harvest Brimmed Hat

As you cultivate your Sacred Grove, you’ll want to look the part! Put on your Harvest Brimmed Hat and feel the joy of gardening encompass your being. The Harvest Hat is an exclusive microtransaction available only in the Harvest League. Find out more about it in today’s news post or get yours here. Read More.
Source: POE News