Promotion Announcement:

At last nights Lead 5 meeting, we decided to add another Supervisor.
Please welcome our newest Supervisor, Reptile.
Reptile has been very active and helpful with new, and sometimes, older members.
He will be a valued addition to our already outstanding Supervisor corps.

New management

Hello Brothers,


As some of you guys already know we have been making a lot of changes in the clan, and now with management roles. Sniper has decided to step down from the Lead 5 due to time restrains. We wish him the best of luck.

And with that news I would like to announce our new lead 5 FastEddie!!

Eddie has put in countless hours with the clan on the gaming front and management of the recruits and the day-to-day. We happily welcome into our Ranks.
Eddie will be posting shortly with more.

Raven Newsletter – January 2016

Helloooooooooooooooooooooo BloodLust Soldiers!!!

As many of you know, and probably some of you don’t, I am one of the 2 Clan Leaders here in <<{BLS}>>. (I know Eddie, “Raven who???”). After an extended absence I have returned to once again join in the good fight and to wreak havok in servers everywhere. It has been awesome to catch up with so many of you that I have missed and I look forward to meeting all of you newer members that I haven’t had the pleasure of gaming with as of yet. I’ll be busy freshening the place up a bit and catching up on the many things that have fallen by the wayside, but I’ll make sure to get a map or 2 in every time I catch you guys online. I’m always in Teamspeak when I’m online and check the Forums regularly. For those of you that haven’t already done so, make sure to add me to your contact list. My email is and Steam ID is bls_cl_raven. Also make sure that you have been added to Teamspeak, the Forums and the Facebook and Steam groups.

As far as projects, we are currently working on updating the profiles on the Members pages. I would like to welcome Tho back to active duty and am currently working on getting a returning member, Red Devil, set back up. He has been with us since back in the SOF2 days and was developing maps for us before his absence. Hopefully we will have the website updated by the end of the month. If anyone needs their profile set up, please contact me and let me know so we can get right on it.

I would like to make some special mentions at this time as well. Thank you to Clown and Rayne for keeping things running and moving forward while I was away. They have both proven to be invaluable in the administration of the clan. Thank you to Tyrex and Bounty for their work on keeping our Teamspeak server up and running smoothly. Thank you to Fast Eddie, Tyrex and Danamal for their dedication to our recruitment program. I appreciate all of your time and dedication and look forward to lending a helping hand now that I am back online. And welcome to our newest recruits Jakob and Jman.

The 2016 Convention will again be hosted by Bounty in Southern Ohio. The dates will be May 25th through June 1st. I look forward to seeing you all there. For those of you who have been to previous Conventions, I don’t need to tell you have much fun it is. For those of you that haven’t been to one, GET THERE!!! You will truly have a blast as Bounty and his wife are great hosts, and along with Tyrex they always set up a fantastic experience. Not to mention that many times you will be able to meet our European members that make it on a regular basis. I’ll be looking to post a list of attending members as soon as I get one together. I believe that the biggest attendance was 26 or 28…let’s try and make this one the biggest ever!!!

Finally, we will be looking to make some promotions this month. We will be adding a few Supervisors as well as making a few other changes within the ranks as well. I have been catching everyone when they log on to steam and getting them back into Teamspeak while they play, which is cool as it is better to play with a group than with yourself…haha…but will also help us get a realistic count of our active membership. Please encourage all of our members to join us in Teamspeak when they are gaming and keep the party going.

That is all for now, Love Live BloodLust Soldiers!!!