BloodLust Soldiers, randomly hosts inner-clan Tournaments several times a year. 
1 vs 12 vs 2 and 4 vs 4All active members are eligible to participate in these battles. 

The winner of the Tournament will receive a Clan Medal designed by a member of BloodLust Soldiers.
This medal will be posted on your Profile and can be used anywhere you see fit. Occasionally other prizes such as games or PC hardware will be issued as a prize, donated by one of the Members
To win a BloodLust Soldiers Tournament is a great honor among the community and is a way for members to show off their skills with an audience.

We encourage Non-Clan gamers to stop by and enjoy the commentary as well as the game play of our great community. 

 All game date and times as well as roster line ups will be posted on the site and in our Community Forum.

<<{BLS}>> Clown will be the primary contact for these events. (

 Please see his profile on the website (not forum) to get additional contact information for other members of the community or to view the profiles of our membership.