This family was birthed from the online FPS Soldier of Fortune II way back in 2002. As the years went on and we picked up many brothers and sisters, we grew into Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. From there we went on to Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops, and are now going strong in Modern Warfare 3. However, these are not the only games we play. We have members playing anything from Killng Floor, to even World of Warcraft. We have Minecraft servers, and are now starting to jump into the new Counter Strike: Global Offensive. As the Multi-gaming community that we are, there are no limts to the games that we choose to play. You do not have to play a certain game to be a member of our family, you need only to have the will and desire to become our brother. We take pride in the fact that we have a presence in almost any online game, and that there is always a brother online to game with.

For our more member supported games such as Modern Warfare 3, we also host in-house tournaments for our members to enjoy. To read more on that, head on over to the events section of the website. Below, you will also find gaming commentaries from our members on youtube, feel free to check them out and maybe even subscribe to our Youtube channel.