BloodLust Soldiers Clan Rules

Rule 1: BloodLust Soldiers is not a democracy. There is a chain of command and it will be followed at all times. This chain of command is as follows:

  • Clan Leaders
  • Clan Leader Assistants
  • Lead Admins
  • Supervisors
  • Members

Rule 2: All recruits that are recommended for membership will be voted on by at least 3 active members of the clan consisting of at least 1 Lead 5 member, 1 Lead Admin of Supervisor and 1 member. We do encourage all members to join in and all members are welcome to take part when voting times are posted.

Rule 3: Members are required to wear the BloodLust Soldiers tags while gaming online. <<{BLS}>> or our modified tags if need be due to game restrictions: {BLS} or [BLS]. We do make exceptions for members that are competing with outside teams due to a lack of a competitive team inside of our clan.

Rule 4: Loyalty to the clan is mandatory. Personal information regarding clan members is expected to stay within our membership. What is said in our community stays in our community unless otherwise stated. All members are to be considered brothers and sisters and simple respect is expected.

Rule 5: BloodLust Soldiers is a non-cheating community. Those that have been caught cheating in online games are not eligible for membership. While it is harder to monitor cheat activity currently due to the nature of PC gaming, we do everything we can to check the backgrounds of our recruits and to investigate any claims made against current members.

Rule 6: We are serious about our clan’s reputation, so anyone wearing our tags will conduct themselves in a way that promotes respect for the clan as a whole and good sportsmanship.

Rule 7: When rules are broken, disciplinary actions will be issued by a Clan Leader or by a Lead 5 vote. We work on a 3 strike system:

  • Verbal Warning
  • Strike 1: Member is put on official notice that their conduct is unacceptable and ordered to cease and desist.
  • Strike 2: Member is put on final notice that their conduct is not only unacceptable but will no longer be tolerated.
  • Strike 3: The final decision that your membership is revoked. Once issued, a 3rd strike can only be removed by a unanimous Lead 5 vote.